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« Après le succès de Galileo : lancement du programme ULISS pour la création de nouveaux services de géo-localisation. | Accueil | "Tévolution" et "ego-casting" »




Un site comme on en variuodt plus!Il donne des idées nouvelles de balades sur la région, enrichies de toute une documentation très passionnante.Quel beau travail!Merci beaucoup pour ce site super intéressant que je ne connaissais pas!


JKkaRB yubekanubfsw


Bueno, podemos ahravecpor para reivindicar que la red UVA_wifi es una mierda, con todas las letras. Menuda chapuza han hecho con el cambio, al menos en nuestra escuela.


Hey Micheal, Ten plus years in Telco, countless of hours of CBTs vdeonr training. I enjoyed your explanation, and more importantly I enjoyed you. Regardless of content, if it's not delivered in a well thought out, and well explained manner then it's useless. Keep up the great work. Ash @


Interesting post. I agree with your assessment that TV whncaitg is migrating to other devices. I guess that is inevitable. No one can sit still for that long any more. However, I saw in the NYT recently that the cale and dish services are also losing viewers to, get this, high-def rabbit ears. Yup, with all the economic belt tightening, people have decided that maybe they can live without a hefty monthly fee. They state that they had lost over 300,000 customers to free TV. So I guess I can feel good that I had rabbit ears before rabbit ears were cool.

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