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bonjour, je vous saarui gréer de bien vouloir morienter vers quel site je pourrai télécharger des applications et des thèmes pour mon blackberry 8520 curve je vous en serai reconnaissant merci


Dan, Did you forget this adlraey? [W]hy don’t you — for once — clearly and concisely articulate what exactly are these “lack of safeguards to prevent those powers from being abused” that “many people have”? What is the problem specifically? Do you have any idea what safeguards are currently in place? MeDespite my invitation, you seem congenitally unable to put your concerns into your own words. There could be a number of reasons for this, but I think the most likely is total ignorance of the law of the United States, coupled with a reflexive need to attack and a demonstrated inclination to rely on those you consider experts of one sort or the other to tell you what to think. Thread over.

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